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SQLator is a complete report managing ecosystem designed to deliver the information you need, when you need it.

Build Reports Intelligently

SQLator’s interface was carefully designed to be as intuitive as possible. Modeled after a universally familiar grid-based system, SQLator empowers everyone in an organisation to build sophisticated reports and undertake exhaustive analysis without costly technical training. If your users can use a spreadsheet they can use SQLator.

Your database is represented in a simple graphical layout, meaning that data can be easily extracted to build detailed reports without the need for comprehensive systems knowledge. An intelligent filter protects users from building invalid reports, allowing only certain fields to be added at the correct times.

Sub-reports allow for even greater complexity. By dragging, dropping, and organising fields users can drill down multiple levels into the database to create dynamic and thorough reports.

Share, Expand, Network

With the ability to share not only individual documents but entire workbenches, reports can be built by those that need them when they need them, and once a report is built it can be re-run at any point to generate and export an updated file. This greatly reduces the time spent creating reports and effectively distributes the management workload throughout your organisation.

SQLator’s unique inheritance security system also means that when you share a report or workbench you also share its permission set. This streamlines the reporting ecosystem, keeps your data secure, and mitigates the need for a dedicated IT department.

Eliminate Islands of Information

SQLator is built around a flexible federated database, which means that importing spreadsheets and other documents has never been easier. Any user can upload important documents to SQLator’s centralized data store, which can then be easily maintained by anyone with the required access protocols and permissions.

By tapping into the islands of information throughout your organisation data can be consolidated and company IP protected.

A Custom Solution Out of the Box

With it’s custom workbenches SQLator can support tailored workflows straight out of the box. A simple drag and drop tabbed layout makes personalizing SQLator for your organisation hassle free and intuitive.

It’s elegant. It’s powerful. It can transform your business. Call us today.